💃 Meet your customers where they live.

Why launch a bot?

Bots allow brands to give customers personalized experiences that help them find information and make purchases directly through the messaging apps they’re using every day. Additionally, messaging bots get smarter the longer they’re used. Bots learn common phrases and questions from your customers and are able to provide more relevant and personalized information as time goes on. The data generated from conversational bots also give your brand insight into how your customers communicate and perceive your brand digitally.


Facebook Messenger



Amazon Alexa

Example reasons to build a bot

  • Rethink customer service
  • Make it easier for customers to buy your products and services
  • Give customers personalized conversations as time goes on
  • Drive traffic to other digital services (websites, apps, etc)
  • Join brands like Hyatt, GE, IBM,and Nike who are redefining how they communicate with their customers

How does it work?

  • We charge a flat monthly fee for building and maintaining the bot with a 4-month minimum commitment
  • Two months to launch. Two months after we start, we'll have a bot ready for launch. We'll handle all deployment of the app and will build a simple marketing landing page to promote it.
  • We evolve the platform over time and help it get smarter. Your Messenger bot will be constantly learning what users are asking it and will improve its responses over time.
  • Every month, we’ll provide a report on usage metrics and suggestions for improvements. Once improvements are discussed with you, we’ll build and release the improvements to the Messenger bot.

Want to build a bot?